Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fisheries Resume - Dave Lincoln

David Lincoln
Geologist & Environmental Consultant 
DANS SHEET & Green Fields Renewal
Contact: Jennifer Dutton

1997 - Present Environmental Consultant

Greenlite Consultants - Boston, MA

Provided expert testimony and mapping for Produced Water disposal practices of Chevron/Texaco in Ecuador. Expert witness for case involving plume dispersal models of gas releases following an oil spill in Massachusetts. Evaluated Remedial Action Plans (PRAPs) for Superfund cleanup and brownfields along Hudson River and coastal regions. Analyzed comparative economics of U.S. alternative energy scenarios. Conducted stock assessments and habitat mapping for groundfish and lobsters for fishermen’s organizations. Evaluated safety and risk factors for offshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals near Boston. Prepared environmental reports in the Gulf of Maine to define and map Essential Fish and Lobster Habitats in relation to seafloor sediments, hydrology and species ecology. Contracted to Mass. Lobstermen's Assoc. Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Assoc., Gulf of Maine Fishermen’s Alliance and Mass. Fishermen’s Partnership among other Fishing organizations. Successfully conducted a campaign to stop construction of the world's longest undersea gas pipeline. Successfully campaigned to extend the Canadian Moratorium on Oil and Gas Drilling Offshore Georges Bank. 


2006 – 2010 Supervisor

EBSCO Information Services, Ipswich MA

Managed 20 professional abstractors and responsible for quality control. Maintained and tested database of more than 300,000 publications and magazines. Authority for 2000 technical journals on environment and health in four languages. Evaluated auto-summarizers and extractors from a 6 million keyword index and created Global Warming online database.

2002 - 2005 Development Specialist

Commonwealth Corporation – Gloucester, MA.

Office of the Gloucester Fishermens Wives

Wrote grants and developed Marine Technology and Trades training programs and career ladders Directed fish quality improvement program in Massachusetts. Instrumental in developing collaborative research programs in New England. Wrote and coordinated successful pollution study of Massachusetts fishing grounds. Presented position papers on Safety, Disaster Assistance, and fisheries legislation. Served as industry advisor to the Habitat Committee of the New England Fishery Management Council. Created and maintained fishermen’s websites for habitat preservation and lobster conservation.

  • Monasson, E and Lincoln D. 2006 "Comparison of PCBs, Organochlorine Pesticides, and Trace Metals in Cod Liver from Georges Bank and Stellwagen Bank." Marine Pollution Bulletin. June 2006, Volume 52, Issue 5, May, Pages 591-597.

  • Lincoln, D, 2002 "Lobsters on the Edge" Env. Science - Habitat Section. University of Maine, January 2002, On-Line. Peer-reviewed paper (last accessed 1/3/10. available at

1999/6 - 2002 Outreach Specialist

Corporation for Business, Work and Learning, MA.

Provided retraining and social services for displaced fishermen. Aided fishermen to attain affordable health insurance. Setup and maintained database of fishermen contacts. Attended NE Fishery Council and Committee Meetings and presented maps and charts of cod and other groundfish distributions.

1996/7 - 1997/9 Campaigner / Fundraiser

Greenpeace - Boston, MA.

Participated in projects and actions to support the Marine Campaign (Sustainable Fisheries) Toxics Campaign, (anti-chlorine), Nuclear Campaign, (Test Ban), Energy Campaign, and Biodiversity Campaigns. Coordinated all research in the office and was key contributor on several publications. As fisheries campaigner, participated in regional fisheries council meetings and provided testimony, which aided in passage of Congressional legislation to ban Factory Trawlers on the East Coast. Conducted public lectures on Whaling and Protection of Marine Mammals.

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