Joe & Helen

About Joseph and Helen Garland

Joe was determined to save the heritage of fishing for Gloucester.  Fishing, small family operations which touch lightly on the sea, illustrated, he believed, the right way for all of us to live.  Close to nature, aligned with the flow and ebbing of the Earth, and every day grateful for the bounty she provides.  What you touch and respect, you cherish and preserve. 

The author of Unknown Soldiers was supposed to be the fourth in a distinguished line of Dr. Joseph Garlands—a healer, not a killer. 

Throughout his life, Garland has found a fellow companion—temperamental, tempestuous, halcyon—in the Atlantic Ocean in front of his home in Gloucester. Joe gave up sailing at 86.  But he never gave up on Gloucester and in his battle for small fishing. 

His second wife, Helen (originally a wartime pen pal), has played a leading role in enabling Unknown Soldiers to emerge from its many decades of draft states and silence. His “big book” shows that he “feels strong as hell about this country.” He plans to live to be 100 along with Helen in their house by the sea.   Helen also shared Joe's passion for ensuring family fishing will endure. 

Here is Joe's own site.  

Helen Garland has lived a life which includes being raised, in part, by her Aunt Helen Bryan, who advocated for social justice, providing the example Helen would, herself, follow.  Helen is the co-founder of the National Coalition for Family Justice.  She served as a volunteer for peace and the environment in the Kennedy White House and was one of the first volunteers to learn and use the powerful potentials for local organizing made possible by the United Nations.  

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