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Compiled materials here document the strategies used by Dave Lincoln for the projects named.  Fisheries Resume


        February 25  -LETTER - To Andrew Davies from Dave Lincoln, Feb. 25, 1997

       February 25 - Letter from Gloucester Fishermen’s Association
                                 To The Honorable Edward M. Kennedy, United States Senate, 
                                 Washington, DC 20515 
                                 Written by Dave Lincoln while helping the Fishermen's Association.

       January 1 -      The Truth About George's Bank Exploration and Production Operations
                                 Written by Dave Lincoln

       May                   Oil Drilling on Georges Bank?
                                  Canadians need help from US Fishermen (Written for Denny Morrow
                                  (Co-Chair, Norigs 2000) by Dave Lincoln)

                                  Guest Editorial in the May, 1999 Commercial Fisheries News

       December 23    Media Release: Fishermen Declare Victory Over Georges Bank Drilling 

       October            ARTICLE:  Coexistence of the Fishery & Petroleum Industries
                                 By lined by  Percy J. Hayne, President, Gulf NS Fleet Planning Board &
                                 Multi-species Inshore Fisherman
                                 Researched and Written by Dave Lincoln

       May 24 -           Media Release: The Sierra Club of Canada applauds extension of the 
                                  moratorium – has large concerns about CNSOPB process
Calls for a moratorium of Georges Bank until 2012

                                  Written by Dave Lincoln 

                                  STUDY: Submission to Public Review Commission - Sense and
                                  Nonsense-The Environmental Impacts of   Exploration on Marine
                                  Organisms Offshore   Cape Breton by David Lincoln

       March -             Media Release: Cape Breton Island Threatened by Coastal Oil and Gas 
                                  Written by Dave Lincoln 

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