Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peter Shelley, Crook of the Sea, is THE ULTIMATE CROOK of this oil and chem game.....

From:  "Saving Seafood"

Commentary: This is how the Greedville game works.  The Boys from Greedville, determined to own and market the seas for their own profit, have decided to end historic fishing as its continuance makes them vulnerable to a law suit under color of law.  This is because  they are using government and bogus regulations to destroy this ancient family-based business.  Peter is the Ultimate Greedville Crook of the Sea.  

With a straight face they publish this kind of blatant lie below and pump out websites, like the one you see HERE to make themselves look legitimate.  Be warned.  These are the same guys who bring you economic meltdown, privatization of prisons, and drones.  

Remember, Pew = Sun Oil, it is an old game to hide the name.  

The Greedville Con-game You are Offered:

Conservation Law Foundation's Peter Shelly  Calls for Shutdown of Cod Fishery;  Opposes Opening Closed Areas

 April 3, 2013 -- In a video, CLF's Peter Shelley explains the dramatic decline of cod stocks in New England. CLF is calling for a closure of the directed cod fishery. They also oppose proposals to open certain closed areas to commercial fishing. prs_peter_shelly_cod.jpg

CLF is also asking citizens to stand with them "to tell NOAA that we need to protect cod, especially the large, productive females."  And they ask the public to tell "NOAA that we need to protect their habitat, and their refuges, so that they can recover to sustainable levels."

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